massage cushions things you might not know

Things You Might Not Know About Massage Cushions

massage cushions things you might not know

Coming home after a tired day and feeling sore and stiff all over the body, there is nothing better than having a nice massage session that helps loosen your strained muscles and relax your mind. With the help of the best massage cushion with heat, you will soon feel better and regain your energy. Generally, a massage cushion is a safe and effective device to use but are you sure you know all the ins and outs of it? Take a look at the following issues and check if you already know them:

1.Who should not use the device? 

Similar to medical devices like TENS unit or handheld electric massager, a massage cushion should not be used for people who are pregnant, have a pacemaker or have diabetes. Generally, it is recommended that you consult the doctor first before using this appliance.

People with physical ailment that limit their capability to operate the device should never use the device. For safety reasons, children should not be allowed to use the device also.

Be aware that people who find their conditions not improve at all and even get worse after using the massage cushion for a while need to stop using it and contact a doctor.

Also, the device is intended for medical use or to replace medication.

2.Where not to use the device 

A massage cushion is very convenient to use: just place it on any surface you like to start using it. However, it doesn’t mean that any surface or environment is fine.

You should stay away from wooden surfaces because the device’s zipper may cause damage to the wood. Be careful when you the device on upholstered furniture. 

The air openings need to be clear; that is why you should keep the device out of hair, lint, jewelry and similar stuff like that. Don’t cover it during use or excessive heating can occur: make sure you don’t operate the device under a pillow or blanket while you are in bed.

For the electric cords, keep them away from heated surfaces.

Massage cushions can be used indoors or used in a car, depending on the type you purchase. There are models that are suitable for household use only, not outdoors or in a car and vice versa. Make sure you check that before using.

When operating the device, don’t let it come in touch with insensitive skin areas. Even for normal skin areas, if you feel the massage force is really strong, place a tower between the body area and the device to soften the impact.

3.When not to use the device 

There are three things you should note here:

  • Do not use a massage cushion before going to bed because the lasting effect of massage can delay your sleep.
  • If you have a massage cushion for car, remember not to activate it while driving. Stop your car in a convenient and safe place, and then operate the device for a while. 

4.How to protect the device

Check the maximum weight capacity and make sure you don’t put more weight than that onto the device.

Don’t stand on the device or use it as a mattress on the floor.

5.Is it normal for device to generate noise while operating?

It is quite normal, unless the noise is exceptionally loud and strange. Massage cushions, especially shiatsu types, tend to generate acceptable noise.

6.What is the reasonable using time?

From 15 to 30 minutes each time and 3-4 hours a day, that depends on each specific model. To be safe, you can use the device 15 minutes each time.

Make sure you don’t use the device continuously for many times: it will result in excessive heating and shorted product life. After each use, let it cool down for about 30 minutes.

7.Are there any safety precaution?

For a massage cushion with heat, the heated surface may cause burns. Excessive heating can even lead to fire and electric shocks, which is particular dangerous if children are around.

8.Is the more motor the better for massage cushions?

When shopping for a massage cushion, you will find those with 5 motors, 6 motors or even 10 motors. Does it mean that 10 motor massage cushions are better than those with fewer motors?

A 10 motor massage cushion tends to be more expensive, heavier and features a more powerful vibration system. It will be a better choice at home or the office; however, it is may not be suitable for using in a car.

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