The right temperature for the baby’s room

Sleeping is life requirement number one for a baby, in addition to drinking lots of love and plenty of attention. What’s the weather like outside, put your baby on the back to sleep and be very alert that your child is not too hot or too cold. In all weathers is the ideal and safest temperature for the baby room almost the same. To himself as a parent to be able to rest well it is important that the baby is sleeping peacefully and safely. What is the right temperature for the baby’s room and what can you do when warm and cold weather?


Ideal temperature

It is important that the temperature remains constant in the room of the baby and is at the ideal temperature. You can yourself easily guard against (extreme) heat by pulling out clothes, turn on a fan and as moving under a cold shower. A baby can do all this yourself and desperately needs your help. Babies do not need warm temperatures to their bedroom and a bedroom to heat the whole night by a heater is only necessary in very rare cases. Research has shown that a good temperature for the sleeping environment of the baby between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius is. The ideal temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. This is thought a lot cooler than most parents. The temperature must also remain as constant as possible in the room, and a thermometer is a necessary device in the baby’s bedroom.

Warm weather

An air conditioner is put in the bedroom, thinking contrary to what many parents do not hold the right solution to the temperature in hot weather constantly around 18 degrees Celsius. To check if your child is not too hot or too cold, you should not only feel the heat of summer to the hands and feet but also under the baby’s clothing. You can remove one or more layers of clothing when it gets very sweaty.

Cooling breeze
If your baby in warm weather suffers is of distress and difficulty finding a right attitude, you can close the curtains and (some) open windows. However, there are days in the summer, which are too hot and which it is impossible to hold the ideal constant temperature in the room. A cooling breeze from outside can help a little bit to keep as cool as possible the baby. Make sure your child sleeps as far away as possible from the window.

Clothing and linens
Can make the best use of thin sheets and clothing for your baby. This way you can attract your child multiple layers and possibly remove a layer or do it, depending on the temperature and the feel of your baby. There is no right amount can layers of clothing or blankets are recommended because every sheet and every baby are different. It is especially important to regularly, the right way, make sure your baby is not too hot or too cold.


Cold weather

A heater turn in the nursery to maintain an even temperature is not getting the most practical and inexpensive option and the dry air to the baby suffered from lung and developed dry patches of skin. Too hot dress up your baby can cause SIDS, so be very attentive to the temperature of your child. A SIDS namely generally occurs earlier in the winter months.

Clothing and linens
In winter you can use a combination of multiple layers of clothing and blankets to keep your baby warm during the cold nights. Regularly check that your child is not too hot or too cold by feeling with your hand under the clothing. Only the feet and hands of the baby monitor are not the right way. They may in fact often feel much colder than the rest of the body.

Bed and room for heating
You can use the bed of the baby and the bedroom for example by heating using a hot water bottle or a bottle with hot water. Always remove well before bedtime, the jar or bottle. Never use electric blankets in babies.

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