Ideas to organize a small balcony with garden

On the balcony, you dream of a garden, here you have only a small balcony in the city. Rest assured that nothing is impossible; with some malice and cunning, you can enjoy a picturesque area on your balcony and enjoy the pleasure of gardening in the city. Follow our design and decor ideas to enjoy a little garden on the balcony.

Solutions to develop a garden on a balcony

Develop a garden of flowers and plants on a small balcony with garden on railing and wooden ladder to hang pots and planters on the wall

To succeed at all costs, the construction of a garden on the balcony where it has no floor space, it is best to ignore these physical limitations by exploiting the vertical space of the balcony. It is also smart to install small recycled furniture on which one can put a bunch of pots of flowers and plants, a ladder fixed along a wall or a partition, a screen wall for hanging pots or baskets.

Unlike full basement garden, a garden on a balcony always receives the same exposure. It is important to take this into account when choosing plants, not to mention wind exposure which is subject to the balcony.

  • If your balcony is north / northeast, it has the best orientation, and there no need to worry.
  • If your balcony is oriented to the east and south, look for plants with greater tolerance: Mints, lovage, parsley and chervil for aromatic plants.
  • To a west-facing balcony, opt for resistant plants: roman, clematis, ivy, laurel roses, jasmine, and lavender.

A good idea to make it easy for the installation of a corner of the garden on your balcony without compromising on the ground surface with a recovery unit:  After laying a plastic tarp inside the drawers which are filled with compost or planting soil, it remains only to plant or sow ornamental plants or vegetables. The cabinet doors can remain in place to mark the Recycling Decor spirit. For the development of this small garden on your balcony, simply use a ball of string, hooks (the same you use for hang your kitchen utensils) and a few pots to maintain a constant humidity, few freezing containers to collect water for irrigation.

A flower to hang on the railing of the balcony is an attractive offering for tea; we can make a small dinette in the sun or enjoy refreshing orangeade. Even easier to develop and specially designed to be installed on a balcony railing, riders pots guarantee a total holding of the pot without using other fastening systems and are equipped with a water reserve.

The development of a green balcony in a Parisian apartment

A flower garden on a Parisian balcony that displays color: surrounding a wooden garden table reserved for the opportunity to support flower pots and herbs orchestra is a shrub of composition for a green balcony in summer and winter. Purple, single color floral composition enhances the impact of this small garden.

How to develop a flowered balcony when no green thumb?

No watering, no annual repotting

Cool idea to arrange a garden area on the balcony when space is lacking. The growing plants without soil are also invited on the balcony to create a space for green light and compact. Asked on a screen wall, a gate or separation on an iron structure, these plants can be easily hung and require two or three sprays per week depending on the outside temperature. For the manufacture, a PVC tube cut into sections of 50 cm in length, using a hacksaw, cut a slit of 3 to 4 cm wide and 30 cm long. Assemble the tubes on two steel cables, attach them to a rod. Fill earth tube and close each end with PVC cap.

 A green plants corner on a balcony which is easy and cheap to produce: brake red bricks then have their faces filled with earth and mounted like a real brick wall. A wall for growing small plantations without cluttering the balcony, besides, the red and green contrast is the best effect. Classic but still effective on a balcony, a galvanized metal grid to hang a series of potted plants.

For a beautiful decor effect, choose one color for pots or planters. As here, it can be nice to leave some empty baskets as if they were waiting to welcome a new plant. A small balcony, great solution and it is not because the balcony is tiny that make it impossible to enjoy the sun. The trick is to think of the development of the balcony as an extension of the living room. It combines indoor to outdoor, same color, same style and if it is really not possible to place the garden table on the balcony, no problem, you may put it inside the room!

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