How to read manga properly

TIP – You often wonder what are these awful little gray books that children read? Or you cannot help taking a look at this immature comic that your neighbor reads on the bus? I suggest you look more closely at these comics and you will see that the manga cannot be the instrument of the devil.

“So it’s boring, it’s written backwards. “

The manga is read from right to left, top to bottom, simply because it is the sense of Japanese reading (at least one possible meaning!). In recent years, most publishers have chosen to respect the original reading instead of recomposing the album in the Western sense. Rest assured that the transition is smooth and after two to three pages, you will already be an expert.

“And it’s odd that it has only black and white, yet, they have the money for color”.

Besides the fact that this is a constraint on the basis which is inherited from the restrictions of the post-World War II period, it is a medium of production of Japanese. The vast majority of manga are published in journals and magazines in Japan, with a very high publication rate. And because of this, the boards are thoughts in black and white to meet deadlines (these magazines contain several hundred pages) and for the pre-publication papers do not cost too expensive. This constraint pushes “mangaka”  ( the author of the manga) to find other solutions such as frame, the lines, the absence of one-off designs, etc.

Once published in collections – Bunko (mini collection A6, more compact) or other kinds of manga – some authors color the first pages to capture the attention of the reader, this is the teaser.

“So it’s a nice stuff, but it’s still very violent …”

As for comics, manga authors explore all genres. Teen romance stories to the end of the world, through the baseball competitions and fighting robots. Some anime, more violent, were released to great plays and the media have seized. But it would be simplistic to stop there, these works are adaptations of some of the most popular mangas in Japan, and above all, the differences in cultural relations between both countries are what appear too western violent.

“… And stupid. “

There are many episodes which were censored, cut, reassembled in a hurry … making all of this a bit strange and simpleton.  A great misconception spread by people who do not read manga. ” OK. But it’s still exaggerated that girls with big eyes and 100 tons hammers fall on them. ”

Many manga incorporates a lot of humor in their boards. It is not uncommon that at the height of an action, a character or humorous detail distracts the reader. It’s the same for 100 tons hammers: in City Hunter (Nicky Larson), the private detective takes these exaggerations to curb his libido out of control, but between two surveys covered by very dark thriller. The humor and lightness is used to lighten the mood and invite the reader to continue this dark and serious series.

The big expressive eyes; this type of design is used occasionally to enhance the expressions or emotions of a character and often this exaggeration is desired to emphasize the grotesque situation.

“Very well, but it does not happen much in the manga. For real. “

Larger, in size and number of albums, you noticed that the mangaka seems to be taking their time, unlike the authors of western comics. Indeed, the manga is based on a narrative and a more contemplative cutting with decomposition time and different frames. Conversely, many mangas use the “decompression”, multiplication of the image and a more rhythmic division of the temporal ellipse.

Similarly, we are interested in the psychology of the characters, the emotions of the characters more than their action. Manga readers passionately follow the evolution and progress of their favorite characters; their daily life, their dreams and doubts are the subject of hundreds – thousands – of pages in the main actions. The manga seems to be the paper medium that has successfully taken advantage of film language and its particular kinetics.

“All this is very nice, but when you buy a manga, it is finished in two minutes! “

The reading rate differs from the albums we usually read, yet manga are several hundred pages. But the narrative and cutting help break down some actions which suspended a reflection or a flashback.

The action takes place over the volumes and it is a small investment, it is true, for some series. But there are also very short, which are great: Pluto , or Death Note , for example.

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