“How do I read a Kindle on Amazon?”



You are a person who loves reading books from manga to ebooks. To begin, I want to raise an ambiguity: the word Kindle has 3 different meanings, which, admittedly, does not facilitate understanding, especially when one is not accustomed to digital and new technologies. But you’ll quickly discover that in fact, this is not complicated.

First, we have reading lights Kindle ( Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite 3G ), or even Kindle tablets ( Kindle Fire ).

Then we have the Kindle library or Kindle store. This is the library that contains all the digital books (or ebooks) published and sold on Amazon.

Finally, there are ebooks Kindle, which is of particular interest in this article. Have you ever heard, “I just bought a Kindle, cannot wait to read it! “. It simply means that this person bought an ebook on Amazon (and thus in the Kindle library).

Someone might even be tempted to impress you by saying, “Tonight, dear, I read on my Kindle a Kindle purchased in the Kindle. “Bent, certainly (a Kindle ebook is necessarily purchased in the Kindle library), but it’s still acceptable!

My explanations, are they clear? Everyone follows, even those from the bottom? Allow me to doubt … Well, keep still and let us return to our sheep: how to read Kindle ebooks?

To reassure you immediately, know that it is extremely simple. What is important to remember is that for each media (computer, tablet, eReader, smartphone…), you can use to read a Kindle ebook, a specific Kindle application for your need. And there’s something for everyone.


First, you must have an account with Amazon. Otherwise, you cannot read Kindle ebooks. Because for this, Amazon must get some information about you, including the number of your bank card.

You should not be worried that the registration is free on Amazon. You only pay when you buy goods. And yet, with regard to ebooks, you can find thousands of free here.

Once you have created your account on Amazon (I think this is already the case for the majority of you), several alternatives are available to you:



Start by going to the page “Play around with our free reading applications”.

Then, depending on whether you use a Mac, a PC running Windows 7, XP or Vista or a PC running Windows 8, click the link that suits you.

You are then redirected to a new page with a “Download now” button. Click this button and download the application which is launched automatically on your computer. When the download is complete, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation of the application. The procedure is very simple and fast.

Once the application is installed, a Kindle icon appears on your desktop:

Double-click it to launch the application. Now, one last operation is requested you: Register the application by indicating the username and password for your Amazon account.

Once you enter this information, your application is synchronized with your Amazon account, and you can access your ebooks’s Kindle library. To buy ebooks, you can either go directly to the Kindle Store on Amazon, or click on “Buy in the Kindle Store” at the top right of your application.


You need to install the corresponding Kindle app to your device. The easiest way is to search for the keyword “Kindle” on the Appstore (if using an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) or Play Store (if your device is running Android), and download the Kindle app by following the instructions on your screen.

When the installation of the application is completed, you simply touch the icon to launch the Kindle program. Then it’s the same principle explained earlier: save the application indicating the username and password for your Amazon account, which allows you to synchronize the application with your Amazon account. You then have access to your library of ebooks.

Here, you can now download digital books among the tens of thousands presenting in the Kindle Store Amazon and read them where you want, when you want, how you want.



Indeed, nothing prevents you from reading your ebooks on different devices, because all devices are synchronized to each other. This means that you can very well start by reading a novel on your PC, take your tablet – Kindle Fire to the last page to read, and end up on your iPhone. Magical !

It’s clearer now? No more excuses for not buying my Kindle ebooks?

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