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Cholesterol: What to do with an unhealthy cholesterol?

Cholesterol is very important for your body so the body can function properly. The cholesterol (fat) ensures the rigidity of the cell walls. The cholesterol is spread through the blood. There are different kinds of cholesterol. These are HDL, the good cholesterol, and LDL, the bad cholesterol. An excess of LDL can lead to cardiovascular […]

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Raw food ensures healthy intestinal flora

A healthy intestinal flora is the basis of good health, both physically and mentally. To our intestinal flora to keep as healthy as possible is first and foremost a healthy, balanced and varied diet is necessary. Raw food is thereby top of the list of almost all dietitians and nutrition coaches. The reasons for this […]

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Foot care for the man in 10 steps

Any man can again show in 10 easy steps through a home pedicure itself feet, make sexy and attractive. Because especially in the summer is impossible to escape barefoot. Vacation or sports such as beach volleyball, kite surfing, or a romantic stroll along the surf, they all en archives force it. The ladies are heartless […]

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massage cushions things you might not know

Things You Might Not Know About Massage Cushions

Coming home after a tired day and feeling sore and stiff all over the body, there is nothing better than having a nice massage session that helps loosen your strained muscles and relax your mind. With the help of the best massage cushion with heat, you will soon feel better and regain your energy. Generally, […]

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How to choose the best TENS unit for home use?

Many people often go to spas or health centers to get fantastic experience of relaxing. However, with the variations of modern health equipment available on today’s marketplace, users could save money in a comprehensive way. One of the most popular electric devices that contributes so much in our daily life is TENS unit. There is […]

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