Handpump Milk Frother

Everthing You Should Know About Hand-Pump Milk Frothers

Handpump Milk Frother

For coffee lovers, having a good milk frother at hand is such a delight: they can enjoy their milk-based drinks whenever they like without having to go to coffee shops.  There are various types of milk frothers in the market with different designs and price ranges. The most expensive ones are espresso machines, which do not only froth milk but allow you to brew coffee beans as well. If you are short on budget or just look for a simple device to froth milk, you should consider a hand-pump milk frother.  Even though it is a basic type with very simple design, it is very convenient to use and can help you enjoy your drink well. The following guide will provide with necessary information about this type of milk frother.


In terms of look, a hand-pump milk frother is similar to a coffee press.  It contains a vessel (pitcher) made of glass or metal (mostly stainless steel) and a plunger that passes through a whole in a mesh screen; there is a knob or handle on top the plunger to hold it.  Generally, all parts of this device are dishwasher-safe.


Using a hand-pump milk frother is very easy but you need to do some manual work to get the milk frothed.

Before frothing milk, you should have coffee brewed already in the cup. Then, pre-heat milk but not boil it or the foam will be ruined.

To froth milk, you fill about 1/3 or ½ capacity of the pitcher with milk (but not above the max line that is usually indicated in the pitcher), and then pump the plunger up and down vigorously (not crazily, though) for about 20-30 seconds. During the process, the mesh screen shakes (or agitates to be more exact) the milk and create milk froth.

Beside the device, you will need a saucepan or microwave oven to pre-heat milk, a spoon to scoop frothed milk into the coffee cup and probably a thermometer to check the milk temperature.

3.What are the pros and cons of using a hand-pump milk frother?

There are various advantages in having this simple device:

  • It does not require the electricity to operate at all and is highly portable. Therefore, you can bring it anywhere with you, whether you are on business or go camping.
  • It is very simple and easy to use or clean up.
  • It can froth all kinds of milk or many types of milk-based drinks
  • It is very cheap: you can easily get one in the 20-40 USD price range.

You should also take note of some cons:

  • The device can’t steam milk so you will need to pre-heat the milk first. If you don’t pay proper attention, the milk can burn.
  • It is not possible to achieve the same quality of froth like with other types of milk frother: the texture and creamy taste are not the same. The quality should be quite satisfactory, though.
  • You can only produce frothed milk for about 1 cup of coffee or two at a time.

4.Useful tips for frothing milk with a hand-pump milk frother

  • It is best to fill milk up to the max line indicated in the vessel (frothing carafe) for good froth quality. If you overfill the vessel, milk may splash out during the frothing process.
  • Be careful when pre-heating milk. Don’t boil it or you may get no foam or terrible milk taste. Use low heat when steaming milk only.
  • Use chilled milk for the best froth outcome. Full fat milk produces better froth than low fat milk

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