Raw food ensures healthy intestinal flora

A healthy intestinal flora is the basis of good health, both physically and mentally. To our intestinal flora to keep as healthy as possible is first and foremost a healthy, balanced and varied diet is necessary. Raw food is thereby top of the list of almost all dietitians and nutrition coaches. The reasons for this are obvious. Not only fruits and vegetables but the majority of our food concerns in raw condition all vital and healthy nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. What are the benefits of consuming raw food to your health and raw food for everybody healthy?


Healthy and unhealthy bacteria

We want to keep our healthy intestinal flora. We must know first of all what is meant by that. In your colon is crawling with bacteria, both healthy and unhealthy. All these bacteria make up your intestinal flora. Is your healthy gut flora, there is a balance between your health and your unhealthy bacteria. In a healthy gut flora are the healthy bacteria in the majority. As a result, the unhealthy or harmful bacteria are unable to multiply in your colon.

Disturbed intestinal flora

Are your good and your bad gut bacteria out of balance than bacteria not present anywhere on your intestinal wall. The harmful bacteria can multiply as well. They get in the majority, with all sorts of health problems as a result. A disturbed intestinal flora gives in most cases. Both give rise to diarrhea and constipation or constipation.

Causes of a disturbed intestinal flora:

  • Unhealthy food: unhealthy, fat and low fiber diet is the main cause of a disturbed intestinal flora
  • Inflammation: disrupting all sorts of infections and intestinal flora can make you so sicker
  • Disorders: Most diseases are also responsible for an unbalanced and thus unhealthy intestinal flora
  • Pharmaceuticals: the frequent and long-term use of certain medications including antibiotics may even disturb you kill healthy bacteria and your intestinal flora.
  • Therapies: like all kinds of radiation and chemotherapy, for example, and any operations weaken your intestinal flora
  • Stress: both physical and psychological stress also affect your intestinal flora

3d rendered illustration of a painful belly

Blood clotting

A healthy intestinal flora plays a key role in blood production of Vitamin K, Vitamin K which is absorbed through the lining of your colon and it plays a major role in blood clotting.

Healthy and balanced diet

We are perfectly able to maintain the health of our instant intestinal flora. This is possible through a healthy diet rich in dietary fiber. But more is needed for the health of your intestinal flora. Enough exercise, sleep, and proper hygiene are equally indispensable.

Eat first, sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your healthy intestinal flora. Preferably eat your vegetables raw, all the healthy nutrients are retained up. Your body will also incorporate raw foods and digest easier.


Essential for healthy intestinal flora:

  • High-fiber diet: dietary fiber is essential for the health of your intestinal flora. These fibers are indigestible and come from plant foods. With a shortage of this dietary fiber intestinal bacteria can not survive. Therefore, eating raw fruits and vegetables so important. These are indeed soluble and kinder to your intestinal wall. Animal foods such as meat, fish, milk and eggs do not contain fiber
  • Restrict Animal Food: Limit therefore as much as possible the consumption of meat, dairy products, and eggs. These disturb the functioning of the intestines.
  • Drink enough water: Intestinal Bacteria need a humid environment to live. In the absence of water constipation or constipation and, in extreme cases, dehydration occurs. That will slow down your metabolism or metabolism. So eat every day enough raw fruits and vegetables and drink at least three liters of water.
  • Chew is essential for good digestion. Chewing increases your feeling of fullness, so you usually will not eat too much, and your hunger will be no more.
  • A bloated avoid feeling: fresh food and most especially combining vegetables with fatty foods increases your risk of bloating.
  • Avoid refined sugars: these contain no dietary fiber and healthy nutrients and thereby bring your intestinal flora imbalance. Fruit is a healthy exception to this.
  • Fermented products: including red wine, sauerkraut and all imposed vegetables, sourdough bread, and probiotics bursting with good bacteria
  • Give your body enough rest: gun your guts on time and allowed the necessary rest and go to sleep, preferably on an empty stomach.

 Measuring blood pressure at home: Blood pressure and correct measurement

Blood pressure measured at home is done possibly at the request of the doctor. This is necessary, for example when the patient has high blood pressure and the doctor wants to observe the blood pressure of the patient use of medication and changes in lifestyle. For this purpose, a blood pressure monitor is required. On the market, a wide range of devices available, but the chosen device must be of good quality and fit. The doctor will discuss with the patient how often the measurements are required. Measuring more than requested is not necessary and may cause unintended anxiety in the patient when the values are higher or lower than expected. Thanks to some tips the patient choose the correct device and obtains accurate measurements.

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Breeding boxes for growing vegetables, flowers and plants

Of growing vegetables, flowers and plants are particularly useful. Who has little experience is not great results but the fun is no less yet. By doing makes perfect also applies here. Unfortunately, such a learning process can only for a relatively short period because the most successful cultivation of vegetables, flowers, and plants depends on growth again. Based on the type of propagator which that term is used runs approximately from March to June. But after culturing is a time of harvest which can sometimes last until autumn. Incidentally, there are also breeding tanks with heating and providing year-round opportunities.


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Foot care for the man in 10 steps

Any man can again show in 10 easy steps through a home pedicure itself feet, make sexy and attractive. Because especially in the summer is impossible to escape barefoot. Vacation or sports such as beach volleyball, kite surfing, or a romantic stroll along the surf, they all en archives force it. The ladies are heartless and honest about dirty feet: they have been since the extinction of the Neanderthals a bigger letdown than bad breath or body odor. Nobody wants to feel sanding rough, calloused feet or scratched be long, hard, zombie toenails. A regular home pedicure is simply a must.



Here follows an explanation of the individual steps. Watch sports during treatment is optional but can enhance the experience.

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Handpump Milk Frother

Everthing You Should Know About Hand-Pump Milk Frothers

Handpump Milk Frother

For coffee lovers, having a good milk frother at hand is such a delight: they can enjoy their milk-based drinks whenever they like without having to go to coffee shops.  There are various types of milk frothers in the market with different designs and price ranges. The most expensive ones are espresso machines, which do not only froth milk but allow you to brew coffee beans as well. If you are short on budget or just look for a simple device to froth milk, you should consider a hand-pump milk frother.  Even though it is a basic type with very simple design, it is very convenient to use and can help you enjoy your drink well. The following guide will provide with necessary information about this type of milk frother.

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massage cushions things you might not know

Things You Might Not Know About Massage Cushions

massage cushions things you might not know

Coming home after a tired day and feeling sore and stiff all over the body, there is nothing better than having a nice massage session that helps loosen your strained muscles and relax your mind. With the help of the best massage cushion with heat, you will soon feel better and regain your energy. Generally, a massage cushion is a safe and effective device to use but are you sure you know all the ins and outs of it? Take a look at the following issues and check if you already know them:

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Beijing announced a new devaluation of the Yuan to boost its economy

The IMF hampers international ambitions of the Yuan

The use of the renminbi has “increased” on the globe but an “important work” remains to be done to determine if the Chinese currency may join the reference currency of the International Monetary Fund, announced the institution.


“The international use of the renminbi has increased, albeit from a very low”, the IMF estimated in a report on Tuesday, August, 4th. Indeed, the Yuan has become the 5th most used currency in international payments, while in 2013, the Chinese currency only occupied 13th place in the ranking of the most used currency internationally.

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“How do I read a Kindle on Amazon?”



You are a person who loves reading books from manga to ebooks. To begin, I want to raise an ambiguity: the word Kindle has 3 different meanings, which, admittedly, does not facilitate understanding, especially when one is not accustomed to digital and new technologies. But you’ll quickly discover that in fact, this is not complicated.

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Ideas to organize a small balcony with garden

On the balcony, you dream of a garden, here you have only a small balcony in the city. Rest assured that nothing is impossible; with some malice and cunning, you can enjoy a picturesque area on your balcony and enjoy the pleasure of gardening in the city. Follow our design and decor ideas to enjoy a little garden on the balcony.

Solutions to develop a garden on a balcony

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How to read manga properly

TIP – You often wonder what are these awful little gray books that children read? Or you cannot help taking a look at this immature comic that your neighbor reads on the bus? I suggest you look more closely at these comics and you will see that the manga cannot be the instrument of the devil.

“So it’s boring, it’s written backwards. “

The manga is read from right to left, top to bottom, simply because it is the sense of Japanese reading (at least one possible meaning!). In recent years, most publishers have chosen to respect the original reading instead of recomposing the album in the Western sense. Rest assured that the transition is smooth and after two to three pages, you will already be an expert.

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